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Constitutional Law of Liehtenstein

Leichtenstein is under constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch acts as non-party political head of state under the constitution. Their principle makes the people live in peace and freedom. Right now, they form a mixed constitution in which the country is governed by the monarch and the democratically elected parliament. The Prince of Liechtenstein exercises the considerabe political power. While the prime minister and the head government is obligated to parliament.Prince Hans Adam II is currently the head of state and the son of late Franz Joseph II (1906 - 1989) and Countess Georgina von Wilczek (1921 - 1989). He was born on February 14, 1945 as the eldest son.His reign started last November 13, 1989 till present time. The people under the constitution of Liechtenstein have a strong direct democratic rights, at least 1000 people can initiate a public vote ""referendum"" on any law of the beloved country.

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